Is your website up to date?

For years we designed websites and taught clients how to keep them updated, only to find that within months these sites had fallen hopelessly out of date. Calendars were not updated. Special events were featured long after their dates had passed. New content was virtually non-existent.

The fact is, many organizations struggle to manage their websites. Website management often lands on the back burner, assigned to someone who is intimidated by the task and overwhelmed with other duties.

This is the norm, not the exception.

Once we realized what was happening, we began to offer website maintenance contracts to our clients.

When we say we will manage website content, we don’t mean we will sit back and wait for you. We mean we will aggressively¬†manage your site. We will get to know your business and take responsibility for keeping your website up-to-date.

We negotiate with our clients how aggressive we can be with their website. For two years we even ran an entire news site for a busy client. We found the news, vetted it, and posted it every day.