We are the Atkinson team!

A small firm like ours works very closely with our clients. We know everyone by name. Our clients have our mobile phone numbers, for goodness sakes. Many have even become friends over the years.

With that in mind, here’s a little bit about us.



We were both clergy for twenty years in our home town of San Antonio. We left that life for personal and philosophical reasons and embraced a new life of working with organizations and technology. We do most of the work ourselves, contracting complicated technical tasks and high-end graphic design to a few contractors that we know well and are comfortable with.

  • We do good work.
  • We are responsive. You can call our mobile phones if there is an issue.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive.
  • Our customer service is ridiculously good. The kind of service you get when you can pick up the phone and call the owner of the business.